Founded in 2002 in Crystal Lake IL, Ascendant Audio set out to offer the best in DIY home audio drivers to an ever growing direct online home audio market. Utilizing XBL^2 motor topologies in their first two driver series, they quickly gained a reputation for some of the lowest distortion drivers available. Starting with out of the box designs like the Atlas series which featured a secondary coil wind whose sole purpose was to control the Qms (and therefore Qts) of the driver making it suitable for ported, sealed, or IB applications from a singular series. But the original DIY home theatre market paled in comparison to the car audio consumers who loved the drivers musicality and brutal performance.

In 2007 Ascendant Audio found a new owner with Scott Atwell (ex-owner/engineer of RE Audio/DeStijl Engineering, and current owner of Fi Car Audio and Fluxtek Industries). In engineering and manufacturing the original AA line-up for Ascendant Audio through DeStijl Engineering for Chad, Scott was very familiar with the companies goals and current market situation. Choosing to dive head first into the car audio market with AA, the company switched from its direct online sales business model, to a dealer/distributor only model. In revamping the lines the company had and adding more, AA became a full line sub company from the entry level Chaos Series to the current daily driving 5000W monster, the SMD.

In the past 8 years AA has grown from a small internet based company to an international powerhouse. With world records in SPL competitions, countless trophies in sound quality competitions, and a legion of followers, Ascendant Audio couldn’t be more proud of the current state and direction of the company. US designed, US machined, and US made.

Ascendant Audio’s king of the sub line is the SMD Series. SMD (Steve Meade Designs), fronted by Steve Meade, is a partnership over 12 years in the making. Scott has worked with Steve starting back in the early days of RE Audio, with Steve being one of the first to daily driver their SPL subwoofers. Growing over the years in notoriety, Steve has made a monster of a name of himself using drivers that Scott has designed for various companies. With the SMD Series seen here, it is the culmination of this past decades partnership between Steve Meade and Scott Atwell in furthering the quest for the most brutal, yet detailed bass imaginable. Be sure to check out Steve Meade at